International Women's Day Virtual Market 2023

Women's day banner

Dia Duit! and welcome to our International Women's Day Virtual Market!

After the success of our Christmas market we decided to run another but this time make a special feature on women-owned businesses! 

We were absolutely blown away by the reaction and couldn't add everyone to this list but if you check out our 'Tag a women-owned business' post on Instagram you'll see all the amazing things on offer! 

Below are just some of the  businesses that have amazing mná at the helm. Check them out! 

Grá Mór, 

Nina & Gill x 


play dough

Little Kneaders 


Pink Glitter Box 

The Wild Tribe 


Happy Daisy  

The Thoughtful Shopper 

The Temple Wolf 

Little Angel Rose 


Love Cherish Boutique 


Mrs Connolly's Baby Gifts 

flower art

Willow & Prim 

Flower Wreath

Door Decor Wex 

Mavis Nest 

Waylon & Flo

Tí na n'Óg Bookshop 

tattoo art

Badb and Banshee 

Discovery Playtime

Fussy Food Plates 

Say Hello 

Mama's Boobie Box 

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