Robbie™ jumper - kids


Comfortable, customisable, colourful.

What Our Customers Say

Our son is autistic and has sensory issues. Nina and Gill went above and beyond to make sure the jumper would suit his needs before I went ahead and bought it. He loves it, and so do I! Adult sizes soon please!!!

Jen x.x

I bought 10 Juno Jumpers for all my nieces and nephews for Christmas. They were all totally chuffed, and looked so brilliant for our family photo. It will be something we always remember. Thanks lads!


I was so happy to get matching leggings for myself and my daughter. I am a larger sized woman and have never ever been able to match with my kid until now!


My son likes to wear bright colours, and all the "boy clothes" in the usual shops are grey and navy and blue. So glad I was tagged in your insta posts. My little fella was delighted with his leggings and his rainbow jumper. Keep it up!


Bought as a gift for my friend's new baby. She said it was her favourite :) Thanks guys.


Rainbows and Gaeilge. What's not to like?


My twins love their hoodies. Thanks


My sons are autistic and ye were recommended to me by a co-worker who saw your story in the paper.
It was so nice to speak to you and to know that you understand what it's like to find clothes for children who hate wearing clothes! Thank you for your help and for taking the time to send on photos and videos of inside the jumpers before we ordered. Especially considering it was two weeks before Christmas and ye were flat out! I will be back.

ASD mam of three.