Accessibility means inclusive not exclusive.

Soft fabrics. Minimal tags.  A variety of fits. 
Our clothing is chosen and designed with sensory needs in mind. This is due to our own personal experiences as parents buying for children who have sensory preferences.  We aim for minimal tags which are either soft cotton or tear away. As our business grows we aim for all of our clothing to be tag free.    
We feel it is very important to state that we don't make clothing that is specifically aimed at children with autism or sensory processing disorder, rather we are aiming to make clothing that is accessible to ALL children. 

 Why do we feel that sensory needs are so important. 
Most children have sensory preferences. As parents of autistic children, we often have trouble purchasing clothing online that suits their individual sensory needs.   Through our own experiences and research we have found that, for the most part, people who have sensory needs don't require specialised clothing, but rather require further information in order to make informed choices before making a purchase.  It's really that simple.   
This is especially difficult when purchasing clothing online. When purchasing for our children , we need to feel an item to know if it is soft or rough, if it is heavy or light, if it has tags that might irritate them. Knowing this information means that we can be more confident when purchasing  clothing online.  
So, not only have we committed to adding sensory information to all of our products, we will answer any questions regarding the feel, weight and composition of our items personally. If you require assistance, or further information, get in touch with us by emailing

If you feel you can help us by telling us your own experiences of  online shopping with sensory needs in mind, please reach out at the email above. We would be delighted to hear from you.