Puperazzi Yoga Leggings

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Type: leggings

We are in LOVE with these dog print yoga leggings .

They are stretchy and soft with a nice snug thick waistband.A double stitch seam for very adventurous kids .

Kids size S for age 3/5

Kids age M for age 6/8

Kids age L for ages 9/11



From a sensory perspective, these leggings are buttery  soft and feel very smooth inside and out. 

The thick waistband lies flat on the tummy. They are meant to feel snug rather than tight.  
They have a double-stitched seam from back to front for added strength.

They have a soft inner tag which can be cut away without leaving behind any rough materials. It is sewn into the seam vertically in a place that would  be easily shielded by underwear. 

They are designed with yoga in mind so do stretch and move with the wearer.